Reyes Landscape Maintenance, Inc. is a full-service design/build company headquartered in Vista, California that serves the North County greater San Diego area. Our mission is to design, build, and maintain outdoor living spaces that enhance the property value and quality of life for our clients and the communities we serve. At Reyes Landscape Maintenance Inc, we are fully committed to our clients’ needs and work with you to fulfill your landscape vision. In addition to our residential landscaping and design services, we offer the same professional, high-quality work for commercial properties. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping your properties look their best and thrive.

Our passion for your vision comes from upholding and operating by a set of work ethic values, ensuring that our team acts with integrity, professionalism, and accountability every single day. Our values exist to help us always deliver our promises to our clients. Whether you are a design/build client or an ongoing maintenance client, we stand behind our work and we will always be there to resolve any concerns to your complete satisfaction.

Design and Build – When you look at your yard deciding what you would like to do, you may see opportunities for new gardens or hardscapes, but you probably won’t give much thought to what impact those new additions may have on the rest of your landscape. When Reyes Landscape Maintenance Inc looks at your property, we see a system of interconnected features, trees, flowers, pavers, pond, firepits, landscape lights, that synergy to function together as a whole without issue. We help our clients recognize how best to implement new features you want and identify any obstacles these additions may entail. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to design outdoor spaces where each separate feature blends seamlessly to create a functional system.

Working with the environment – The best landscape designs complement the environment around them, whether the environment around your property is a natural San Diego Mediterranean scape or an urban surrounding. We know how to work off every kind of environment found in San Diego to build outdoor spaces which both match their surroundings visually and are mutually beneficial to the local ecosystem. For example, we may incorporate native plants which thrive in San Diego’s climate and attract local bird and butterflies to your yard. We also know what not to do. We avoid mistakes like planting a tree that will outgrow an urban landscape or failing to install a retaining wall to prevent erosion.

Answers to all your questions – Do-it-yourself landscaping isn’t just difficult because of the physical labor involved, it’s also difficult for the average homeowner to fully understand the big landscaping decisions because there are questions that you may not have answers to or even know to ask. How tall and how fast will this tree grow? Can these plants withstand the San Diego desert environment? Do I need a retaining wall to stop erosion or a French drain to prevent rainstorm flooding? These are all the kinds of questions that our professionals can provide the answers to. They are qualified to advise you on the best planting choices and hardscape features to add to your landscape as well as advise on what to avoid.

Low Maintenance Designs – Reyes Landscape Maintenance Inc knows how to design landscapes that are low maintenance and long lasting. Ordinary landscapers may only focus on something that brings your home curb appeal in the immediate future, without consideration of how much upkeep their work will require or how well it will hold up over a change of season. Our professionals consciously implement landscaping plantings and features that are durable and low maintenance so that homeowners won’t have to commit too much time or money to keeping them in good condition.

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